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Jainism in India

Information on Jainism in India and pilgrimage sites for Jain faith -providing on-line reservation /booking for visit to Jain Pilgrim Centers in India on discounted rates, air/rail ticketing, car/ taxi / coach hire for Jainism Tours, package tour to Jain Pilgrim Sites and Hotel Booking in popular Jain travel locations in India.

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Bhagwan MahaveerJain Dharma, is a dharmic religion and philosophy originating in Ancient India. The Jains follow the teachings of Tirthankaras. The 24th Tirthankara Lord Mahavira lived in ca. 6th century BC. Jainism stresses spiritual independence and equality of all life with particular emphasis on non-violence. Self-control (vratae) is vital for attaining Keval Gnan and eventually moksha, or realization of the soul's true nature.

Jain Beliefs and Practices

Jain monks practice strict asceticism and strive to make this, or one of the coming births, their last. The laity, who pursue less rigorous practices, strive to attain rational faith and to do as much good as possible.

The Jain ethical code is taken very seriously. Five vows are followed by both laity and monks/nuns. These are:

Ahimsa (Non-violence), Satya (truth), Asteya (non-stealing), Brahmacharya (Chastity), Aparigraha (Non-possession or Non-possessiveness), For laypersons, 'chastity' means confining sexual experiences to marriage. For monks/nuns, it means complete celibacy.

Nonviolence includes being vegetarian, and some choose to be vegan. Jains are expected to be non-violent in thought, word and deed, both toward humans and toward every other possible living creature, including even themselves. It is for this reason that a truly orthodox Jain will never cut even one hair anywhere on his own body, and would never dream of giving anyone else a haircut. Jain monks walk barefoot and sweep the ground in front of them to avoid killing any insect.

Even though all life is considered sacred by the Jains, human life is deemed by them to be the highest form of life. It is for this reason that it is considered vital never to harm or even to upset any person.

While performing holy deeds, Svetambar Jains wear cloths (Muhapatti) over their mouths and noses to avoid saliva falling on texts or revered images. Some even go so far as to wear either the Muhapatti or possibly a small card over their mouths so as to avoid accidentally inhaling even a single insect when awake. This last practice is only observed by some extreme practioners. True Jainism, according to some Digambar Jains, are those who have attained samyak darshan (self realisation) ie experience of being one with the soul rather than with the body). They are said to be on the correct path to moksha which is striving to remain in the nature of the soul ie detached internally from worldly life.

Jain Pilgrimage sites in India

Shikharji, also known as Parshvanathji or Sammet Sikhar and located in Giridih district in Jharkhand state, is considered the most sacred pilgrimage site. Parshvanath Hill is about 4481 feet high, and twenty Tirthankars attained Nirvan here
Jain Pilgrimage sites in Karnataka: Shravanabelagola, a monumental statue of Saint Gomateshwar in Hassan
Jain Pilgrimage sites in Rajasthan: Dilwada Temples, complex of white marble Jain temples on Mount Abu, Ranakpur Temples, extensive complex of white marble Jain temples in Ranakpur, Shri Mahavirji/Chandanpur, in Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan, India has a 78 cm high copper-colored idol of Mahavir in the Padmasana posture. About 175 km away from Jaipur, it is the most visited temple in Rajasthan, Tijara/Dehra, Atisaya-kshetra, in Alwar where the principal Tirthankar is Bhagwan Chandraprabhu, is about 110 km away from Delhi.
Jain Pilgrimage sites in Gujarat: Palitana, most visited Jain temple in Gujarat, Girnar, Vataman, (between Ahmedabad and Palitana) with a beautiful Bhagwan Adinath derasar, Ashoka's Major Rock Edict
Jain Pilgrimage sites in Madhya Pradesh : Bawangaja, a complex of Jain temples and monumental statues in Barwani District, Gwalior's fort is home to dozens of Jain rock-cut sculptures, Sonagir, about 60 km from Gwalior, has scores of temples on little hills, Bajrangadh, Atisaya-kshetra in Guna district, Kundalpur, Siddha-kshetra with 63 temples, is famous for a beautiful statue of Bade Baba in Damoh district.
Ananthanatha Swami Temple (also known as the Puliyarmala Jain Temple} in Puliyarmala, outside of Kalpetta in Wayanad district, Kerala.

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Dilwara Temple
Khandagiri Caves
Udaygiri Caves
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